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Frequently Asked Questions

Wakesurfing is a water sport where riders use a specialized board to ride the boat’s wake without being towed, creating a surfing-like experience at slower speeds. It’s accessible to beginners to advanced riders doing areial and technical tricks on the boats wake.

Wakesurfing is a versatile water sport suitable for people of all ages and skill levels, from beginners to experienced enthusiasts. It offers a fun and accessible way to ride the boat’s wake and enjoy the waters safely.

Wakesurfing is an enjoyable and accessible water sport that offers a range of benefits, including fun, physical activity, social interaction, and a connection with nature. It provides a versatile and adventurous way to enjoy time on the water activities with friends and families

Our minimum session for 1 rider is 1 hour, and 2 hours for 2 – 4 riders, giving you plenty of time to practice.

You can book lessons for a group/individually at your own preference.

Hi, we have a rule for a maximum of 6 pax for 2 hr session. As we like to keep our standup rate at 100%. 

Our youngest rider to go ropeless in 2 sessions was 7 years old, and the oldest rider to go ropeless is 65, proving it’s suitable for all ages. Even children can participate.


No, as we have sizes up to XXL life vest and boards that can carry up to 140kg, ensuring that everyone can participate without restrictions.

Yes, you may feel free to bring your own wakesurfing board and equipment, giving you the option to use your preferred gear.

Yes, we do but do inform us before bringing your pet on board as we need to ensure that the following session has no students who are allergic to dogs/cats fur etc.

A Reschedule of your session will be credited to you on the time remaining or your full session depending on the time of bad weather, guaranteeing a safe and enjoyable experience.

Our youngest rider to go ropeless in 2 sessions was 7 years old and the oldest rider to go ropeless is 65.

Hey there, No you do not need any experience to Wakesurf! All you need is a learning mindset and we will handle the rest! Learning how to wakesurf is accessible to all, and our instructors will teach you how to shift your weight, drop the rope, and ride without the wakesurf rope.

All you need is your swimming gear and our Board sizes range from 4’2 to 4’9, and life vest sizes range from XXS to XXL (30kg to 130kg). We provide the essential wakesurf board and lifejacket.

A dedicated Coach/Captain will be designated for your wakesurf session.

Yes, There are! just ask one of our crews for directions.

Wakeboarding involves tricks with bindings, higher speeds, and rider attachment to the board with a rope attached to the boat. Wakesurfing is slower, board not attached, RIDING ROPELESS as the focus is on riding the boat’s wake entailing a surfing experience in Southeast Asia. The experience is similar to popular surfing spots in Singapore.


Our youngest rider to go ropeless in 2 sessions was 7 years old and the oldest rider to go ropeless is 65.

While swimming skills are recommended, our instructors provide a safe environment, including lifejackets, for those who can’t swim.

Yes, our Crew can speak both English and Chinese, ensuring effective communication for all.

Customer Service: 10-7pm(Mon-Sat) Classes Operating Hours: 7-7pm DAILY.



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